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Training Docs / 40th SOC Airframe Weapons List
« Last post by Papa Flare on June 20, 2021, 05:07:05 PM »
A document containing all the weapons on all the aircraft we use in the 40th.
Full List / FAQ
« Last post by prccowboy on April 17, 2021, 04:51:29 PM »

1) BOTH of these XSF assets will be listed as "ships" in ME (named CLP XSF-1, etc.)

XSF-2 known bugs features:

1) The XSF-2 adds carrier capability to "whitelisted" aircraft that are not typically ship capable aircraft. This currently includes: F-16, A-10cII, JF-17, M-2000C, and the C-130 and C-17a. If a mission creator wants to use the asset as REDFOR and requires other aircraft, let me know.

2) The "heavies" like C-130 and C-17a will not spawn from ramp or parking. If you want to have them take-off from the XSF-2, you must use spawn on runway. Also, they will not taxi and park. they will despawn immediately after landing.

3)Given that the mod changes plane behavior (by making the whitelist aircraft carrier capable), the mod might impact integrity checks on other servers. DISABLE or REMOVE the mod as needed.

4) A-10's will spawn on the XSF-2 with gear damage. This is a DCS thing due to the A-10 using outdated codebase - nothing I can do to prevent this. A (bad) workaround is to immediately repair aircraft after spawning

5) F-14's with Jester might NOT be able to complete alignment from a cold start. I am looking into this. Temporary Workaround: F-14's need to spawn hot from the XSF-2
Full List / 40th SOC CLP MODS Instructions and Notes
« Last post by prccowboy on April 17, 2021, 04:50:56 PM »
USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. If you are in the 40th SOC, I assume you already know how to install User Mods. So, this should be easier than AAR and instructions are below. However, If you are NOT comfortable with this process, don't do it.

unzip the files and copy the entire contents of the 'Mods' folder in the zip file to your DCS user files folder, example:
C:\Users\[YOURNAME]\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\

(You should end up with a "40th CLP_Mods" folder under Mods/Tech, example:
"C:\Users\[YOURNAME]\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Mods\tech\40th CLP_Mods\")
Full List / ** 40th SOC Cowboy Skunkworks **
« Last post by prccowboy on April 17, 2021, 04:50:05 PM »
I am releasing to the 40th SOC members, "early access" to some asset mods that I have made. They are being released as a separate standalone to keep the required liveries/mods and voluntary mods isolated.

Use and installation of this pack is VOLUNTARY. It is for your amusement and to allow mission creators to add some creative or interesting scenarios.

Currently, the pack includes my XSF (eXperimental Sea Frame) projects. Both of these are based on real world platforms:

- the XSF-1 (based on the real world SeaFighter FSF-1) is a small fast armed littoral ship, capable of carrying 2 helo's/harriers.
- the XSF-2 (based on Japan's Megafloat project and various countries concepts of a combat MOB-mobile operating base) is a 2km long floating runway with full ATC, TACAN, ICLS (no ILS), LRLS, FLOLS, spawn/recover/rearm/refuel capability

Training Docs / 40th Airframe Qualification Framework
« Last post by creme_fraiche on February 10, 2021, 12:21:36 AM »
The 40th Command Staff have developed a training framework for building the skills of our members. This framework is based on an achievement system and rewards pilots with who demonstrate skills during Qualification Rides.

Here are the key points to understand:

1. Completing qualifications are not mandatory, but strongly encouraged.
2. Upon completing a training syllabus for an airframe, pilots will receive a token of some sort to mark the achievement. We have are still looking into things like iron-on patches, a special in-game skin, Discord roles, etc
3. We are trying to build a system that is both education and enjoyable. Qualification rides will be mini-missions with objectives that allow pilots to demonstrate their knowledge and mastery of an airframe.
4. Currently, we only have a syllabus for the Hornet; other airframes are still under development

40th Training Syllabus:

Instructor Pilot Kneeboard:

You can @ the training staff with any questions. We will do a further explanation and walk-through after an upcoming mission debrief.
Full List / JF-17 2021 Chinese New Year Phoenix and Dragon livery
« Last post by prccowboy on January 28, 2021, 05:56:30 PM »
Happy Chinese New Year, 2021 Year of the Ox.

This special edition skin (naturally for the JF-17 - the "fierce dragon") employs the ancient elements of Chinese symbology for luck and prosperity: the Sea, the Sky, the Dragon and the traditional Chinese Phoenix (with body of a pheasant, feathers like that of peacocks, and wings of a roc). Also included are the nine blessings.

May all the 40th SoC members have a prosperous and happy 2021!

Download Here:

Note: this will install in the 40thSOC Phoenix livery mod folders (which is required due to shared textures)
F18C / Re: F/A-18C *** VFA-40 Phoenix ***
« Last post by prccowboy on December 29, 2020, 12:19:15 PM »
NOTE: THIS SKIN IS DEPRECATED. The latest Phoenix skin can be downloaded here:
A10C / 40th A-10C II Weathered Skin
« Last post by Papa Flare on November 29, 2020, 05:05:51 PM »
This is a weathered version of the 40th A-10C II skin I made.

Current Version: 1.1

1.0 Initial Version

        Helmet art
        Custom roughmets
        Custom variants for: Cowboy, Papa Flare, Mazda, and Cpt. Velman

        Weathering (some parts were not weathered properly if at all)



Install Directory: DCS/CoreMods/aircraft/A-10/Liveries/A-10CII
Full List / Re: ** 40th PHOENIX Livery Pack**
« Last post by kutterro on November 19, 2020, 04:47:01 PM »
I'll be glad to see you two in the air more frequently now :)
Full List / FAQ ** 40th Phoenix Livery Pack**
« Last post by prccowboy on November 18, 2020, 08:02:08 PM »
Why new skins? How did this project start?
I guess this really started when Rowdy challenged me to skin the E-3a but this particular pack is the culmination of me copying Rowdy's Phoenix themed Hornet skin and carrying the theme over to other airframes then expanded again to reflect all the skin pack ideas that went into "Black Dogs" (squadron-wide personalization and ease of install/uninstall of liveries via module) plus a few more ideas that popped up along the way

The ROE for this skin pack was:
- must be installable in user files (NO changes to core DCS install)
- Size kept to a minimum. Designed to share resources across skins as much as possible and uses high compression (DXT1) for smallest file sizes/reduced VRAM (the trade-off is slightly lower quality and restrictions on what can be done in crew specific "custom" skins)
- easy to install/uninstall. The livery was packaged into a single Module so that you can uninstall/update without having to look for 50+ different skins in different locations
- Rowdy's original Phoenix skin for the Hornet as theme guide

What is included?
(as of March 2021) There are over 100 "unique" skins across: AV8-B, A-10C, A-10CII, F-14B, F-16, F-18, JF-17, UH-1H, M-2000C, KA-50, CVN-71 and 75, E-2c, E-3a, S-3b tanker, SH-60b, C-2, Hercules Mod, C-130, and UH-60a. There are also 12 sets of wallpapers for the Main menu with matching loading screens (these are randomly picked when you start DCS so that the wallpapers change or you can now CHOOSE your favorite in DCS Options - Special)

Many skins also include some cockpit customization. Note: the 40th Phoenix A-10cII custom cockpit only works if you choose "Factory New" cockpit in the A-10cII special options

There are also some custom ordnance liveries (mostly pods). Note: the custom pod for the JF-17 only works as a global change. You can turn this on or off in the Special Options

All the different aircraft types have a "standard" skin (Phoenix theme without any crew specific personalization) and "custom" skins for 40th pilots that qualified for personalization. There are also CAG variants now (for those that qualify)

Asset mods are also included (UH-60ER and 40thSOC FARPS, etc.). These are experimental and may be disabled via the Options/Special menu 

Does this mean I have to install 76 skins?
You only need to install a single Mod. This module has everything mentioned above built in. See Install instructions.

Does this replace "Black Dogs?"
No, this is a separate and standalone pack meant as a standard theme for the 40th. Black Dogs was a campaign specific livery

How do I qualify for a personalized skin?
Crew specific skins were made for pilots that met a minimum number of Saturday ATO sorties in a particular airframe. Example: Lawndart flies most of the modules; however, he doesn't typically fly the Huey on Saturdays, so he qualifies for a personalized Hornet skin but not the Huey skin. This is meant to reduce overall file size, complexity, and labor (mine). Plus I doubt you will find any crew chiefs (irl) that will give a custom paint job to a new line pilot or even the CAG if he doesn't typically fly that plane. So, if you want a custom skin in the future, contribute to the 40th by flying more in Saturday ATO's.

How long did this take to make?
More hours than the "Black Dogs" livery (see "Black Dogs" livery FAQ). Let's just leave it at that.

I don't like my skin (or) I want something else for my nose art (or) Why did you give me this style? (or) How do I get it changed?
I anticipate there will be requests and anything reasonable might be accommodated for future livery development. Honestly, there are a lot of things I want to change as well. It's just a matter of time and effort.

Hey, I found a hidden joke/easter egg
Yes, there are a few. Some are very obvious. Others not so much. Let's see who has the best SA in the group and can find them all.

Is this compatible with Mod Managers/OvGME?
Yes, but you will have to ask Rowdy about that because I don't use one (see my ROE re: mods/ics)

When are you going to add [INSERT AIRCRAFT NAME HERE] skins?
no comment, but see above re: time/effort (Has NOBODY missed me in PvP night or the Dynamic server over the past months?)

Who made this?
This is a Cowboy & Rowdy Production
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